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Over the past few years my blog has been visited by people from all over the world. Very few know me, or of me, they simply are looking information concerning the Bible and discover my blog. After many years of intense study and teaching, I've come to believe we are vulnerable to misguided and incorrect teaching if we don't understand for ourselves the teaching of God's Word. My 'hot buttons' are - grace, sovereignty, exhortations and sanctification. If you understand these basic principles of Scripture, and apply them to daily life, you will understand what it means to have peace, joy and absolute security in any circumstance.

Sunday, September 23, 2012



The days and weeks roll by so quickly. Still summer warm, but the days are now shorter and there is a 'feeling' of fall in the air. Soon I'll be putting a candle on our dinner table. I read many years ago that this is a good thing to do. At the end of busy, sometimes tense days, a candle on the table not only adds warmth and brings about calm, but causes the family to lean into the light, toward one another, rather than pulling back. As the evenings became darker, we always had a candle on the table when our five children were young, and we still do that - even if it's just my husband and I sharing a meal.

Recently, we took a little trip up the coast of California to the Carmel - Monterey area. 'John Steinbeck Country' we call it. His books were centered around this area in the 1930's. It's a unique place full of history and beauty. As a child, I had family living in the area and remember many happy vacations with my parents. The wind - swept Monterey Pines are lovely. We invited Abby, son Steve's dog, to join us as we were going to stay at a hotel in Carmel that not only allows, but encourages dogs. What fun we had.

Now, home to face the reality of back surgery tomorrow. I seem to have numerous things wrong with my back and the best option is to have a spinal fusion. Something I never thought I'd agree to. But pain has forced me to give in. My doctor will be using a new robotic system that has much improved this surgery. My husband has been recording some cooking shows that are on television so he can make dinner for a week or so after I get home from the hospital. I'm not really expecting gourmet meals.

Some things you just have to prepare for. I planned the surgery date around a conference I wanted to attend over this past week-end. I filled up on spirit-filled Biblical teaching. I don't think there is a better way to prepare for something, anything, that might be unpleasant and have the potential of 'going wrong'.

It was difficult to make the decision to have this surgery - I know the Lord already had it all planned, but He didn't let me know in clear terms what His plan was until recently. I asked Him to show me what I was supposed to do. I sensed He was telling me "It's not all about you". What? It's my back, my pain, my risk - me, all about me. "No it isn't", He seemed to be telling me - it's so much more than you alone. And so it is with all of us; we are a piece of the puzzle of life here on earth and what we do, or don't do, effects God's ultimate plan. This is why we read in Ephesians 1:ll that He works all things according to His purpose after the counsel of His will.

There is so much peace in knowing this truth. We can never say, or think, that we made a bad choice - we can know, no matter the result, it was God's choice from the beginning. We have a heavenly Father who is omniscient, all knowing. He knows the beginning and the end, all the way into eternity. And He loves us unconditionally.

I've had people ask me, "Do you have a good doctor?" Sure, or I wouldn't be having her do the surgery. But I do not place my trust in the doctor alone, or the hospital staff, or in my ability to have come to the right conclusion. My trust is in God.

Hebrew 2:13 - "I will put my trust in Him"

I believe God's Word which says He will never leave me or forsake me, Hebrews 13:5. And I know that "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today, yes and forever."  Hebrews 13:8. We were studying 2 Chronicles 20 at the conference this week-end and over and over again the message given was 'seek the Lord'.

If you are having a hard decision to make, do your best to come up with what seems like the 'right' answer, then let the situation rest in God's very capable hands. He not only is all knowing, He is omnipresent, everywhere at once, and omnipotent, all powerful.

And for these reasons, we can place our trust completely in Him.

Thank you Lord for the peace that surpasses understanding. Thank you for revealing Yourself to us through Your Holy Word so that we have someone that we can trust in all circumstances, fully and totally. . .only You Lord.

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